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The Ultimate AirPods Cleaning Hack – Go From Crusty to Crisp ✨


Nothing comes close to the feeling of flipping my AirPods case open for the first time. They’re slim, sleek, and they sound as good as they look for the money!

But JUST a month in and a few thousand snaps later

I was finding dust caked along the ridges of my case hinges and in the deep sockets where my buds would be…

And the buds? They’re no better – I can see gunk and ear wax lodged deep into the speaker grills. I’m just shocked, because I typically clean my ears after a shower.

It’s NOT a pretty sight, and dirty AirPods can do more than just cramp your style. 

They may also cause:

It’s not well known, but a little dust can do a lot more damage than you think.

Luckily for you and me, the team at Away Kit has found a clean, safe, and efficient way to thoroughly dust off and revive our favorite earpieces without added risks.

So how do we get to cleaning and disinfecting?

The entirely non-toxic and eco-friendly kit made of 2 main components:

Cleaning Pastes

This pressure-sensitive 3-in-1 adhesive combines the accuracy of a toothpick, the delicacy of a cotton swab, and the coverage of a blu tack! They’re shaped to perfectly match your AirPods so that the paste can entirely retain dust and wax safely.

I wish my brother had a kit sooner – he broke his AirPods jamming a toothpick around the speaker grills to try and reach deep 🤦‍♂️

Ever since then I’ve been anxious about ever trying to clean my AirPods, but after using the pastes, I’m just glad that I could listen to music in my left ear again! (Listening to just one half of the song was driving me nuts).

The Spudger

Instead of getting my nails dirty and potentially chipping off bits of your beautiful case, Away Kit’s spudger allowed me to get close and personal with tight corners along the case’s ridges to dig out all the dirt.

Paired with their alcohol wipes, I was even able to dig out stickier blobs (I assume they’re pocket and backpack waste mixed in with sweat 🤢).

As Good As New!


The whole process takes just 30 seconds out of my week. It’s now my favorite Sunday routine, because it’s like my AirPods just came fresh out of the box!

I was skeptical at first, but the Away Kit’s simple fix allows you to get into every nook and cranny possible to dig out accumulated dust and wax.

You’ll get to feel like a million dollars again.

What’s inside an Away Kit? For one kit, you’re getting 5 cleaning pastes, 4 alcohol wipes, and 1 spudger. Don’t worry! This lasted me 3 months with a deep cleanse once every week.

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