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Best iPhone 12 Accessories To Buy Now

We’ve searched for the best iPhone 12 accessories to help you get more out of your new phone, from charging caes to detachable wallets. And if you’re looking for a case, we’ve also rounded up the best iPhone 12 cases and best iPhone 12 Pro cases, too.

The best iPhone 12 accessory depends on what exactly you’re looking for. With the iPhone 12 models shipping without a charger in the box, adding one of your own seems like a must. The iPhones continue to support wireless charging, so grabbing a charging pad may be on your to-do list as well. And then there are other potential accessories like wallets, car mounts and multipurpose cases.

1. Apple AirPods​

You probably don’t need us to tell you that Apple AirPods are a great accessory for any iPhone. But with the iPhone 12 not including any earbuds, wired or otherwise, this may be the time to take the AirPods plunge if you don’t have a good set of earbuds lying around.

The AirPods feature a lightweight, comfortable design and they pair up with your iPhone 12 with ease. Just like your new iPhone, you can charge the AirPods wirelessly. For advanced features like active noise cancelling and a semi-custom fit, you may want to spring for the AirPods Pro. But Apple’s basic wireless earbuds will satisfy many users and fill that earbud-shaped hole in your iPhone 12’s box.

2. Apple MagSafe Charger

No charger in your iPhone 12 box? No problem. Grab Apple’s $39 MagSafe Charger to keep your new iPhone powered up.

Place an iPhone 12 model on the MagSafe Charger, and it will snap to the back of your device, remaining there to charge up your phone to 100%. If you’ve ever used an Apple Watch, the method will feel similar, as the two chargers are nearly the same. 

By using magnets, the MagSafe Charger ensures that you’re placing your phone in the right spot to get a speedy charge. The MagSafe Charger works with older iPhones that support wireless charging, too, though without the magnetic alignment feature.

3. Belkin MagSafe 3-in-1 Wireless Charger

Though there are large wireless charging devices, few look as good as the sleek Belkin MagSafe 3-in-1 Wireless Charger. This aesthetically-pleasing station lets you juice up your devices in the blink of an eye, with the ability to charge an iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods all at once.

The stand delivers a wireless charge at up to 15W to your iPhone 12, and it uses MagSafe technology to secure your phone. The design of the stand makes it look as if your phone is simply floating in the air, but the magnets hold it in place, even if you shake the stand. Belkin’s 3-in-1 charger is perfect for your side table in the bedroom or anywhere you know you might drop your phone to charge it up. 

4. Element Black Ops X3 Case

It’s safe to safe a $249 phone case is not for everyone. But you’ll know where the money went with the Black Ops X3, which is made out of some seriously high-end materials. The case offers MIL-SPEC armored protection for your iPhone 12 while looking positively awesome in sleek black. 

Features include an integrated, removable card magazine for you to stuff your license, credit cards, or ID into as well as cash. A retractable kickstand lets you watch your favorite show at the best viewing angle and a sliding camera lens cover keeps the iPhone’s cameras protected. 

5. Scosche BaseLynx Modular Charging System Pro Kit

An Apple-exclusive charging system, the Scosche BaseLynx Modular Charging System Pro Kit packs a variety of modules and cables to help you charge up your new iPhone 12 as well as other Apple devices you might have lying around. You can customize your own setup with a fast charging pad, USB-A to Lightning and USB-C to Lightning charge cables, a vertical charging stand, and a single AC cable to bring it all to life. 

Just drop your iPhone 12 on the BaseLynx  to chill with the rest of your devices. You can even add more modules as needed to the $199 base kit that includes a wireless charging pad, magnetic charging pad for your Apple Watch, vertical charging station and endcap charger.

What to look for in an iPhone accessory

Finding the best iPhone 12 accessory comes to identifying what feature you wanted addressed — whether it’s charging the phone, mounting it in your car or getting compatible headphones. 

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